Date Affecting Area Changes
5/16/17CoreStream It core code adjusted to work on Windows.
5/8/17GeneralAdded loading bar to caption editor
4/24/17GeneralAdded ability for admin to download VTT file from the video page.
4/17/17GeneralAdded ability to load balance wowza servers as a Round Robin service.
4/10/17GeneralLatest version of video.js and jquery libraries.
3/21/17CoreAdded ability to align captions to differnt qudrants of the video.
3/8/17CoreNew Closed Caption editor.
Closed Captions now stored in the database for new editor.
2/28/17CoreAdded compression for 4K uploaded videos.
Added ability to add a password to each video to increase security measures slightly.
2/15/17PluginsUpgraded tinymce editor to the latest and enabled MS Word copy paste.
2/8/17GeneralAdded a link in the footer to access the Terms of Services from any page.
2/1/17CoreAllowed student uploads from front end and removed assignments area.
1/28/17GeneralBug Fixes
11/2/16Plugins Automatic closed captioning can now be applied during the upload process, eliminating the need to click one more button.
8/29/16Core HTML5 100% compatability on Chrom and Firefox.
8/25/16Core Added ability for faculty comments to be timestamped and only viewed by the student who uploaded them and the faculty member who created the assignment.
8/17/16Core General bug fixes and overall improvements.
8/4/16Core Started closed beta for inline assesments within videos.
7/29/16Plugins Updated multiple plugins for improved performance.
7/26/16Core Modifications made to enable 4k encoding to playback on desktop and mobile
6/20/16Core Added ability to use keyboard shortcuts for controlling the streaming video.
Spacebar - start and stop video
F key - Fullscreen video
M key - mute video audio
5/23/16Plugins Fixed issue with IBM Watson for videos over 1 hour in length.
4/28/16General Translations are now available. From the captions page you can now automatically translate your closed caption file from english to the languages enabled by your administrator.
4/25/16General Transcripts now automated from Closed Caption files. Just click the icon in the top right of the video playback area.
4/22/16Core New Authentication system to make it faster, easeir to use and more secure
latest player updates for streamlined responsive playback
IBM Watson Translation plugin created and installed, ability to translate coming within the week.
3/22/16Assignments sub menu created to include settings and logout
minor bug fixes
spelling fixes
added permalink below description
changed assignment uploads to use custom title
3/22/16Live fixed live playback on all browsers to work as expected
granted the ability to embed a live feed into with account. (requires IT to configure a live channel in Wowza first)
edit live feeds and set expiration dates / times.
3/22/16General iPad playback enhancement
adjustments for automated closed captioning
added links in menu to “My Videos” that directly links to your uploaded videos
minor fix in search function to omit private videos when searching for a specific term
Admin account can now customize the home page graphics and layout
added .aiff and .m4a support