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"Today’s Loss of Innocence: Coming of Age in Contemporary Society": Contemporary Issues in Philosophy and Religion Series


Please join us tomorrow, Thursday, November 30, for the final talk of the semester in our Contemporary Issues in Philosophy and Religion series. The talk will take place in the Lago Vista Gallery (lower level of the library) from 11-12:30. Please see below from Geoff and the attached flyer. Sign-in sheets will be available if you wish to offer extra credit to students for attending.

“This semester, I have had the great pleasure of co-teaching a Philosophy and English Learning Community through the Honors Program on the theme of ‘innocence lost’; exploring such a theme in an interdisciplinary fashion with a single cohort of students allowed for our class to consider deeply the existential, phenomenological, and psychological aspects thereof. This presentation will contextualize the experiences of losing one’s innocence in terms of individual meaning and cultural significance, narrative and personal identity, and freedom and responsibility before giving way to questions such as what the contemporary forms of loss of innocence and coming of age are, or whether one can lose one’s innocence without subsequently coming of age. In essence, this presentation will serve as a culmination of the ideas explored in our Honors Learning Community.” Geoff Manzi

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